Why Precast

Precast Concrete Steps in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, MN

Quicksteps Precast Concrete Steps
Quicksteps produces steps that are a perfect and permanent solution for any entry. For any entrance requiring stairs such as when you are heading down to the dock at the cabin, Quicksteps assembles steps to fit all of your needs.


Quicksteps produces precast steps with rebar and fibers along with 5,000 psi concrete. The steps have a design that improves any entrance with curb appeal while increasing property value. Quicksteps are an inexpensive solution for your home, mobile home, or commercial building.


Every step and platform is finished with a brushed sidewalk finish. Each step in the cast is a perfect 7” rise with a 12″ face, along with a platform that can be custom to 14″, 36″, 48″, or 60″ platform. Our design is user friendly for young children to the elderly. When we do an estimate we will recommend a step that meets building code and we are both VA & FHA approved.

Care Free

Quicksteps delivers steps that are properly sealed and manufactured with a higher quality, well above minimum standards. With our commercial grade seal coating, the owner is obligated to little or no additional maintenance.


With over 180 different configurations to choose from, Quicksteps offer more heights and widths than any other precast company in Minnesota. With that type of versatility, steps can be combined on top of each other for even the toughest height, width or curve.


Call one of our experienced sales people for an idea on how to get your solution to a missing or worn out step. Precast steps can be easily installed or placed over top of some existing steps with ease. This is a HUGE advantage for the homeowner.

Fast & Economical

Our sales force is happy to provide estimates, usually within a week to ten days, weather permitting. Quicksteps is able to install all steps, however, the homeowner may opt to pick up at our warehouse in Inver Grove Heights and install the step themselves. Regardless of the route you may choose, our steps are ready for immediate use without the hassle of multiple trips or annoying yellow “caution” tape.


Custom railings are fabricated from the ground up and are able to fit any step you may choose and can be made to fit your existing steps.


Call us today 651-552-0137 for a no obligation estimate so we can meet and install your new beautiful step and/or railings.